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Macys & BBB question

We are registered at both locations and basically just have to find one more thing and we're all done. I noticed last night that a few things had already been purchased off the one registry even though shower invitations have yet to go out. I'm assuming those individuals found out via word of mouth, which is how I hoped it would happen.

My question: Will I get any notification "so and so bought you ___" from Macys or Bed Bath & Beyond? I really hope I don't as I would much rather be surprised at the shower. If so, how do I request that I don't receive this notification?


Re: Macys & BBB question

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    Nobody has bought anything off the Mcy's registry yet but I know BB&B doesn't send you anything.
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    DD is registered at both BBB and Macy's and has not received notification from either and a lot of stuff has been bought from both of her registries.
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    Thank you! I'm glad to hear they don't send notifications. I heard somewhere that they did and wanted to double check.
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    No notifications.  Just don't stalk your registries and you won't know what's been purchased.
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    Not sure about those two stores, but I received an email today from Bloomingdale's saying that a gift someone bought us was backordered....and it said what the gift was and who it was from. So look out for stuff like that. Also, anything called a "thank you note manager" will tell you who bought what.
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    BBB does not send out notification when a gift has been bought. Macy's will, but you have to go into your registry account and activate the setting, so if you have not done that, you won't get notifications. You can find out ( when you want to) who bought you something by going to the Thank You Note Manager.
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    No you don't get notification unless you look at your registry.  
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