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Parent gifts

I want to get my parents a parent wedding book.  FI wants to get it for his parents too.  I would like to give something additional to my parents since they are paying for the reception and flowers whereas his parents are only paying for the rehearsal dinner.  Am I being reasonable? Any suggestions?

Re: Parent gifts

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    The point of the gift is to thank them for their time and effort (yes and $). Obviously you aren't going to get your parents a gift that is anywhere near what they have contributed financially. If its that important to you I would find something you can give to them in private, I'm sure your parents will be touched either way.

    I'm in sort of the same situation, my parents are paying for everything because his parents can't. Mine are very happy to do it, and I know his parents will find a way to pitch in somehow.

    I just don't think it would start family relationships off the right way if you blatenly gave your parents a bigger better gift. But maybe that's just me!
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