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Gifts for parents?

Anyone have any suggestions for good gifts for your parents on your wedding day? or any good poems or anything?

Re: Gifts for parents?

  • Lots of people make parent albums as gifts.  We did this and I also got my parents concert tickets to see Michael Buble. 
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  • For MY parents I wouldn't do poems, that would feel too Hallmark cardy for me (like you couldn't be bothered to take the time to think of anything to say, so just used someone else's words). Why not write a heart-felt note?
  • ummm so my whole family's running joke is that the point of my wedding is to see how many people we can make cry, only because so far everything we have done has made my extremely emotinal family tear up. Every song on the radio, wedding show, ect so I think I am going to get the parents emroidered hankercheifs. Silly but knowing my family they WILL be used!
  • When are you supposed to give your parent's the gift? I like the idea of the album, but obviously you can't give that to them the day of. I thought you give them something on your wedding day? I am confused :(
  • We gave our parents gifts at our rehearsal dinner, two days before our wedding. Since my parents paid for most of it, and his parents paid for our flowers and honeymoon, we wanted to get them something to show our appreciation. We got them each a $75 GC to one of the favorite restaurants, then another $30 GC to another of their favorite breakfast restaurants, then they each got an album that I put together with pictures of everything along the way. I had pics from the engagement party, the shower, the bachelorette party (which my mom attended), and many wedding related outings over the year. Then, we also got them both customer wedding albums from our photographer, which they are in the process of designing now. Do something with pictures, albums will go a long way. 
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