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BB&B -- Dyson Vacuum

Will they let you use the 20% off coupon on it?

Re: BB&B -- Dyson Vacuum

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    No, the 20% coupons have restrictions at the bottom, Dyson is one of the items that you can't use it on. 
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    Are you registered at Macy's? Even if it wasn't on your registry, the completion discount works on Dyson if you have a registry there.
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    Nautica is also on the list of things that you can't use the coupon on - I had a 20% off of my entire purchase coupon and bought 12 Nautica towels.  They gave me the discount on them.

    Maybe it depends on the store you go to?
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    Actually I used the 20% coupon I got for signing up on email on my Dyson even though it was listed as an excluded item. They apparently don't hold up to the restrictions very often.
    I say go through the register, don't mention the restrictions, see if they do. If they don't great. If they do, just say you didn't realize and that you won't take it then. No harm trying.
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    They are pretty lenient on coupons in some locations.  Like it says one per purchase but I've taken whole stacks of them in before and they did care (The perks of living in an apartment building is that the bb&b coupons sit down by the mailboxes forever, so I just grab a bunch when I go shopping :-) )
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    They are definitely lenient at my store.  I use a whole stack when i go in, and if you have the $5 off of $15, they help you figure out which ones to use to get the most discounts possible mixed in with the 20% off coupons.  I LOVE BB&B!!
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    I called and asked this question, and they say they take them. As well the will take expired coupons.
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    As a former BBB employee...I can definitely tell you the restrictions list the bottom is not true. Coupons can be used on anything in the store, including Dyson! And unless something changed in the past year...they never actually expire and you can use 5 at a time!! (as long as you have 5 items)
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