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Early Shower & Wedding Present

One of my bridesmaids stopped by yesterday to drop off our shower/wedding present early. She loves getting things out of the way, and she said she likes to give wedding presents early so it can help the couple plan accordingly. We are paying for the wedding ourselves and using the monetary gifts we recieve to pay off wedding expenses.

She was very generous and gave us Tiffany's champagne flutes, and a monetary present. How should I address the Thank you card? Should I send two seperate thank you notes?

Re: Early Shower & Wedding Present

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    You can send one TY note since she gave you both gifts at the same time.

    The note should mention both items and how you intend to spend the money.

    Remember, you can deposit/cash any checks but you're not to spend any of the money received until AFTER you're married.  If you do spend it, you need to budget that you'll be able to pay the gift givers back should the wedding be called off.  Ditto for using gifts.  You can but if something were to happen, you'd need to give them back in brand new condition.
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    Banana is right on.
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    I would agree one thank you note for both is fine since she gave you both gifts at the same time. 
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