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Multiple gifts

Has anybody gotten repeat gifts even though it showed up as bought on the registry? I have more kitchen towels now than I know what to do with LOL. My kitchen is going to be sunflower themed so I got yellow towels, sunflower towels, brown towels, and two different shades of green.

Not that I'm complaining, I just thought it was funny and wondered if anyone else had something like this happen and if so, what the gift was. :)

Re: Multiple gifts

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    It happened to me at BB&B.  I got two multi servers even though the first one had been bought 6 months before my shower and the second the week of my shower.  Kinda odd but I just returned one of them. 
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    With towels, if you have room, just store them. You'll use them eventually. I received a lot of kitchen towels and a crazy amount of bath towels.
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    Well kitchen towels at least aren't bad to have too many of!  Those you can save and when some of the others get stained or yucky.

    And yes, I can already see on my Target registry that more items have been bought than we wanted.  So far, an extra serving fork is not going to kill me - an extra steam mop??? Don't know what to do with that.
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