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Can we register for a Mattress?

So here is a bizarre question. We were wondering if we could register for a mattress (Sears and Macy's both sell them) is that just too strange? My cousin registered for Wii Games (my mom was horrified as a result she says no)....what do you think?

We ask because the mattress we have now we bought together at our first apartment from BJs wholesale club for 300 bucks and its terrible....four years later. Any suggetions?

Re: Can we register for a Mattress?

  • We didn't register for a mattress, but when my grandparents asked my mother what we needed, she mentioned that we needed one so they gave us money earmarked for a mattress. Could one of your relatives help with this? Spread the word and maybe get a group to go in together and give you the cash? After all, most people really do want to want to buy you something you'll use!
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  • I really don't see a problem registering for a mattress.  I say go for it!  It's certainly a home good that you are in need of. 
  • It wouldn't bother me.  I'd just assume you added it to the registry so you could take advantage of the post-wedding discount an will buy it later using that and gift cards.

    It's also nice to have some larger items on the registry in case groups of people want to go in together on a gift.
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  • I don't see why you couldn't

    I just wouldn't expect someone to actually buy it. We put larger items on our registry, but didn't expect people to purchase them. After the wedding we just used gift money and our registry discount to purchase them.
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  • I would register for it.  You may have a small group of friends or family that want to chip in and buy one big gift.  Like everyone else suggested, even if you don't get it, you can use the discount to buy it after the wedding.
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  • People have registered for crazier things. Also, just because you register for something doesn't mean you'll get it! Basically the only thing to worry about here is what people will think of you for registering for a mattress. Money from people close to you is also a good idea to cover things like that that you might not want to say outright that you need.
  • Thanks everyone!  We wouldnt expect to receive anything. We didn't even want to do a registry but our parents are insisting that it's a must. We were talking last night about a mattress and the idea came up and my mother said no no no! So I wanted to see what other people thought. I also had no idea about the discount (we havent made a registry yet) so that's very good to know!

    Thanks again and Have a great thanksgiving!!
  • I think it's fine as long as your other items are varied in price (if all your items are the same price as a mattress, then you have a problem!).  You'll be surprised; a lot of times people go in on gifts together to get you a more expensive item for your registry.  I have an aunt who very generously gave us an expensive piece of furniture we registered for with the intentions of buying it with our registry completion discount! 
  • My FI 100% wants to register for a PS3 and doesn't see why I'm objecting to it, lol.  I told him that's something his groomsmen can chip in and buy for him.   I think a mattress is a great idea because we REALLY need a new mattress as well...and even if no one buys it we can get the discount!
  • This is wonderful! Thank you. I also had no idea about the discount so it's good to pass along to my mother who thinks it's a bad idea! Thanks ladies and best wishes!!
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