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How to get my fiance to agree on registry stuff

I feel like we should register for a nice china set..
We have great every day dishes but I feel like everyone should own one set to pull out on special occasions. Maybe I want to cook a very nice dinner.

But my fiance is very against this. He is putting his foot down and saying we WILL NOT be registering for the china becuase we will never use it and don't have a place to put it....

Do I get him to agree? Do I simply go around him and register for it? Or do I have to give up on this one and not register?

Re: How to get my fiance to agree on registry stuff

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    I'd register for nicer/dishwasher friendly dishes. I have friends who use their "china" as their everyday dishes, but it is very nice & high end (it was from Bloomingdales), but they can throw it in the dishwasher & they use it everyday. Compromise is a wonderful thing! 
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    maybe register for a small set- like 6 place settings and skip the accessories (sugar, creamer, etc). it wouldnt take much room to store and you can register for china storage bags to keep them all together. i still would try to compromise, definitely dont go behind his back. explain that you will start with something small and can add to it over the years.
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    Do not go behind his back and register for the china anyway.  That will only make things worse in the long run.

    First of all, he brings up a valid concern.  China can be difficult to store depending on your living situation.  It is also something that many people don't use that often and therefore, can't really afford to store.

    What is your plan for storing it and when are you planning on using it?  I think if you can approach him with a rational argument for why you want it (not just that you want it) he may be able to understand where you are coming from.  Just thinking that everyone should own china is probably not going to be a strong enough argument to sway his thinking because not everyone needs to own it to entertain.

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    I agree that I should go behind his back and I do see that his points are valid.. But I also know that I would use them on occasions of family get togethers or anniversary and holidays. I think I probably will start will something small. That seems like a good idea

    Thanks All
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    Maybe go in-between?  A full set of china costs thousands of dollars so it's understandable to disagree.  I personally love vintage china and would not consider new, so I checked out antique boards and found a lot of awesome sets for under $500.  There's all kinds of stuff out there. 

    You could also get nice casualware.  We registered for plain white square place settings, they're $40 a piece (probably less on sale) but they'll be good for everything and it's easy to find serving dishes to go with.  Also - we figured then we could dress it up with table linens, which are easier to buy a brand new set of. 
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