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Bed Bath & Beyond - 2 questions

Hi Ladies!

In regards to BB&B...

1. Are guests able to use the coupon on the fine china?
I know the coupon excludes it but I was wondering if it's something they enforce or not. :D

2. Do they still return for cash?  Is it only in some circumstances?
I tried asking our consultant but she really dodged the question.  I really want everything on my registry but if I get duplicates and have stuff at our other registry (C&B) that I'd like to use the cash for it would be nice to know we have the option.


Re: Bed Bath & Beyond - 2 questions

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    1. not sure. It may be a store-by-store decision to honor it or not
    2. I am not 100% sure, but I think they still do. Of course she would dodge the question, she doesn't want you to return anything!
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    I know!  She really dodged it and I felt like if I pushed it she would think that I was a bride that plans to return everything for cash so I let it go :)

    When I picked my china I automatically assumed that gift givers could use the coupon.  One of my BMs just told me that the coupons says it excludes fine china but I was hoping someone who's tried to use it on fine china has succeeded :)
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    I heard that BB&B doesn't let you return registry gifts for cash anymore, just store credit. But don't quote me on that. Maybe it's a store-by-store decision? I forgot to ask our registry consultant that question so I'm really curious as to what other people have heard :D
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    I registered for china in the Fine China section and my grandmother told me she and my great-aunt bought all of it for me using the 20% coupon.
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    It's absolutely fine to use coupons on China. They don't pay attention to the brand. Promise.
    And it really depends on what you're trying to return. BBB keeps very limited cash supply in their registers, and they're in the process of trying to change the policy to No Cash at all, only store credit or gift cards, so things could change.
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    You can always use the coupon -- BBB has a deal with the certain manufacturers to say that you can't, but you can if you present it.  (I've bought a Dyson with the 20% off and that's what the salesgirl told me.)

    According to BBB's website, you can get cash for stuff shipped to you if you ship it back.  Unclear what happens if you go to the store.

    Good luck!
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    Ooooh that's good news that you were able to use it on your Dyson AllyM10!

    I hope my guests have as good of luck!

    Hopefully returns/exchanges won't be a hassle.  I just know that if I don't get all of my everyday plates from Cost Plus then I'd rather return the electric knife from BBB and get the plates, ya know?  Not that I don't need the knife someday but hey - priorities :)

    Thank you all for posting your knowledge and experiences!
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    When we registered they told us they would take the coupons on EVERYTHING, even if the small print says they won't.  They will definitely work on your Kate Spade china.

    And when we returned stuff they only gave us store credit, not cash, but that was totally fine because I can always find stuff to buy at BBB.  We used the credit for things that weren't purchased off the registry.
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    We only got store credit for returns without a receipt or on items that were shipped to us (and had the packing slip that said "bring this to the store for your return" on it. That kind of pissed me off - I had the only receipt I could possibly have, but I gave up fighting with them.
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    I too bought a Dyson with one of their 20% coupons even though the coupon specifically said it couldn't be used on Dysons. I don't think that they really enforce the brand exceptions.
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    We just registered this past weekend at BBB.  Our consultant told us they only give cash back if it is $5.00 or less.  I think they give store credit because you are more likely to spend more than the credit and they get more business that way. 
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    Does anyone know how to find out WHO bought the gift on our registry from Bed Bath? I can look on "thank you manager" on C&B but it would be nice to do this on Bed Bath as well. Thanks ladies!!
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    Yes, they accept coupons for fine china. On top of that... they match competitor specials. Macys had a sale buy 3 plate settings of china get one free... we went to BB&B and got the same deal plus 20% off.
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    That's really great to know Steph!  Thanks so much...I have been keeping my eye on my china at Macy's too so I'll continue to do that. :)
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