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Shower Stress

Let me preface this by saying that I really am not comfortable being the center of attention, and I really hate surprises. Even with the best of intentions I hate feeling ambushed. My MOH/cousin was planning my family bridal shower for tomorrow (my fiance spilled for my sake); she had the guest list and was working on games but my mother assumed that my MOH was going to slack and organized a shower behind her back. So, not only am I stressed about being the center of attention without warning, (and it seems like everyone hates bridal showers anyway) but I am pretty peeved that my mother has no faith in her neice's/ my best friend's abilities. 

I wish I could better put this but I just feel like I am being a total bother, and I don't want to seem unappreciative, but I'm just so uncomfortable with all of this. 

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Re: Shower Stress

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    If they've already been planned, just try to relax and enjoy them!  I didn't really want a shower either, but it really wasn't that bad.  Just smile and thank everybody, and open the gifts quickly so that part doesn't last as long.
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    I'm asking for no showers.  Just not a fan of them
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    I actually love showers. I love watching the bride open her gifts. I even like shower games. I guess I'm easily amused.
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    I myself love showers! Its like girls time! :-)
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