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How do we register for our honeymoon at a Travel Agency we are using for our honemoon
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    Uh, call the travel agency and ask?
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    Why don't you ask the travel agent your are using?????????????????
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    you can do and set up a honeymoon registry. money goes into a paypal account of your choice.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:34Discussion:67370fac-6776-4104-817e-384a249b1e84Post:b569d0af-deda-4aa4-858a-bc214202e43e">Re: Honeymoon Registry</a>:
    [QUOTE]The travel agent will know if they have a registry. Be aware that many people consider this type of registry rude, and you're often better off booking direct with the resort. Using an agent can be the most expensive way to book a trip.
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    This isn't always true.. In our circles honeymoon registries are not rude, and if you choose the right travel agent they can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a trip... Depends on the agent.
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    Honestly, having a honeymoon /travel registry is alot more popular and accepted now then it ever was. More people are waiting to get married and have jobs and established households, and don't need the blender and toaster. I speak from experience because I have been to these travel showers, as well I am a bride who is having one. Our guests know that we like to travel. We are having a destination wedding. They love our registry knowing that they will get us a camara we will use on trips or with our first child, or that they will buy us the lifetime memory of a snorkel trip for two verses a comforter we will replace in 5 years. I recommend to anyone considering a "honeymoon" registry to talk to their travel agent. My trip was cheaper through an agent, she a free registry for my trip right on her website for my guests to go to, I have insurance and a contact point if anything is amzing or goes wrong on the trip. Even having to pay a few extra $$ for using an agent might not be bad. Its your honeymoon and its nice to know its insured and you have a person who fix anything that is not up to par.
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    You are clearly smart and unaware of internet safety by putting both your and your FI's full name in your sig.  SMRT.
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