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How to decorate for a house we dont have yet??

My fiance' and I are still looking to buy a house while living at my granny's house. I'm finding it difficult to pick out things to register for when I dont have a house to think of while decorating. Any suggestions?

Re: How to decorate for a house we dont have yet??

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    I'm also in the same boat.  We haven't started looking for a house yet and we'll actually be getting one built.  We have no clue what we want any of the rooms to look like especially since it'll be 1 to 2 yrs. before we get to that point.  We registered for things that we wanted to upgrade or just didn't have because we could live without it until we got a house of our own; like cookware, flatware, china, glasses, KitchenAid stand mixer, etc.

    I couldn't even register for bedding because all I know is I want our master bedroom to be romantic so red but I don't know if I'd prefer the walls to be red or the sheets and I'm very visual so I cannot picture this stuff in my head.

    You could also register when or if you have a housewarming party to take care of stuff like towels, curtains, etc.  I know not all housewarming parties or all guests would want to get you something but some will.  We've been invited to a housewarming party where they're asking for gift cards to Lowes or Target if you want to get them anything and even though we won't be able to attend (coming back from honeymoon late that night) we plan on getting them something.
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