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Ok, my sister was planning a bach party for me and, well I guess there hasn't been much planning. Now she is coming to me asking for suggestions and to be honest I have no idea, as this is something I do often. We just want to have a honest to goodness fun night. There is one thing though, it has to be 18 and up as my sister is only 20. Any suggestions? We are hoping to do the Karoke Cab as our transportation. Any suggestions are helpful. TIA because I am posting and running.

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    Maybe go to a comedy club? I believe they are 18+, but you could always call and make sure.
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    Several of the bars in the Stockyards in Fort Worth are 18 and up.
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    Not sure what area you are looking for, but Pete's Piano Bar will allow people under 21 with proper authorization from a legal guardian. I am not sure what all that entails, but the last time we were at Pete's there was a party with a younger person. They called the "minor" up on stage and made him do something ridiculous. They made a big deal about him only being 18 and then bought him a Coke.

    We asked about it on the way out (my sister is only 18, so I am in the same boat you are) and they told us about the proper authorization. You might call them if this is something you are interested in. There are Pete's in FW and Addison.
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