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What To Register-Personal Shower Items

My FI and I both have a houseful of things so we're only registering for new linens and a few kitchen items. I know that one of my showers will be personal and I'm wondering what things are appropriate to register. Lingerie is a given, but is it in bad taste to register fragrance items? What other ideas do you all have?

Re: What To Register-Personal Shower Items

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    Others may disagree with me, but I think it's in poor taste to register anything like that. Just give them your sizes. 
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    Yeah I would not register for any lingerie items at all.  If someone is throwing you this type of shower you should give her your sizes and people can figure it out from there.
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    Yeah... I went to a lingerie shower recently and the bride sent a page full of links to lingerie she wanted. I mean, I suppose it's not really different from a household registry, but it was a bit off putting. (She also made a list of acceptable liquor for her stock the bar party.) She didn't mean to be pushy or anything, but I don't think anyone bought any of the things she linked to.
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    Ew. Don't want to be pushy at all, just mulling ideas. As a shower guest, I always feel odd buying because I don't know what the bride would like but I see the point here as well. I think I'll let this rest and see what the hostess wants to do.

    Good input!
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    People don't generally register for these things.
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    I didnt know Victoria Secrets did registries Wink
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