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"We're registered at X and also saving for..."

We are having a reception in CA in July (married in Chile in March, live in Chile). We can't keep our Chilean registry through July, so we registered at Macy's and BBB for a few things like sheet and kitchen gadgets that we can pack in suitcases.

People are asking where we're registered/what we want (even though this info is on our website). Prior to the questions, I told my BMs registry info and that we were hoping relatives/family friends would give us cash, but I feel SO awkward directly responding to people with "we're registered at these stores, but we're also saving up for some home improvement projects." I've seen this response suggested, but I just can't do it. I feel like people will think it's rude to ask for cash even though they've asked what we want. Does anyone else feel awkward? Do I need to just man up and say it?

Re: "We're registered at X and also saving for..."

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    Maybe if you said "we're registered at X store, but since we're flying back to Chile next [whatever day] we're trying to carry as few things as possible, we are saving up for home improvements though" and they'll get the hint and you won't feel so bad saying it?

    I hate asking for money, too, and I would feel bad coming right out and saying it. Maybe this way it'll make more sense to people that you can't lug huge items home with you.
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    I agree with you.  I think people suggest that because it's better than just flat out saying you want cash, but I would never say it either.  Plus, everybody knows that cash is a welcome gift.  If they choose to give you something else it's probably because they didn't really want to just give you cash.  (For example, I feel particularly awkward giving cash to my friends who are also getting married this year, because I feel like they will then just give it back to me for my wedding and the whole thing becomes silly, so I have gotten them all registry gifts instead.)
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    Liz, so far I've been saying we registered at Macy's and BBB for things that we can pack easily, which is kind of along the lines of what you said. I'm hoping that anyone who doesn't like the registry will realize how packable a check is :)

    Quotequeen, I know what you mean. I know people say cash is a common gift, and I think from older guests it will be more common, but I would never get a friend cash - it seems weird and impersonal to me. That's part of why I feel awkward asking for it.
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    If they are asking you directly, I don't think it is rude to ask for cash for home improvements, especially since you have the option of a traditional registry for those folks that feel awkward not giving a tangible gift. If they are asking you in the first place it means they want to give you something you need and will appreciate.  I think is only rude to say you want cash outright without saying what it is going to be used for.  Is there any major home improvement chains near you in Chile (i.e. Home Depot, Lowe's)?  Perhaps you could ask for a gift cards instead of cash.  That way they would know that it is going to what you say it is.  And you don't have the regifting problem mentioned above.
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