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Unique gift for my hubby to be

Just looking for some inspiration for a unique gift to give my fiance the day of our wedding.  I already made him a card with a long "love letter" written inside but wanting something else unique and very senitmental to give him.  Just looking for inspiration...what are you doing for a gift to your groom?

Re: Unique gift for my hubby to be

  • I gave my husband a nice watch and a bottle of his favorite scotch.   You could always do tickets for two to a concert or ballgame.
  • I didn't end up getting this but my H is a huge U of M football fan so I wanted to get him a autographed football by their coach. If he's big into a team you could get him an autograph.
    June 16, 2012
  • I did boudoir pics and gave him a book of the photos.
  • I am getting my FI a watch he really wants
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  • I am getting my FI a metal calendar keychain with our anniversary date circled on it from  It is a inside joke between the two of us because when we picked the wedding date of April 26th he kept telling people August 26th instead!  So I thought the keychain would be a good reminder! hehe 
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  • I'm doing a kick-ass Jaws cake for our RD - we aren't doing "official" gifts, but I can't NOT get him something!
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  • Tons of cute unique gift ideas! check out it is such a cute shop with tons of military related jewelry, keychains, cufflinks, etc... Makes great wedding gifts for bridesmaids & groomsmen. I really like the "love is trading in your perals for his dog tags" so sweet.
  • I got my husband a book that I wrote a sweet note in. I left a lot of pages, so that during our marriage was can write reasons why we love each other. I wrote a letter for him the day of our wedding and then have an entry after the honeymoon expressing how excited I am to be his wife. It was something extremely sentimental, and pretty cheap.
  • You can do a cute mini package/basket of things, if you can't figure out just one ... that would include;

    - a pair of socks in your color/theme "to prevent cold feet"
    - a mini bottle of his favorite drink "to calm your nerves"
    - a watch "to keep you on time" (or a new cell phone, if he's been wanting one?)
    - a bouquet of mini doughnuts
    - a stuffed animal of his favorite team mascot "to cheer you on"

    etc.  It doesn't have to be something big & "baller" status, the thought really means the most on this one, and it's really cute to see it captured on film / pictures when he opens it up.  =)

  • Book of Mormon tickets. We've been trying to get them since it opened!
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