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Williams Sonoma charges more for item if you register for it???

So, I just put together a registry on Crate & Barrel and then went over to Williams Sonoma to create another registry.  But before doing so, I checked out the prices of some of the "bigger' items (in terms of cost) that I'd already registered for on C&B (Cuisinart coffee maker, Kitchen Aid mixer pasta attachment, etc.) and saw that some items were (shockingly) less expensive on the WS website than C&B.  So, I figured that I would remove some of these items from the C&B website and add them to my WS website.  Well, after setting up our registry on WS, I went to "shop" and add items to my registry, only to learn that now, since I've registered us, the prices on these items went up about $50 or more!!!!!  What's up with that???  Why would my guests be required to pay more for an item just because they're purchasing it through the registry than some random guy who just wants to buy the item for himself???  I sent them an inquiry regarding this business practice...  I have been a long time customer of Williams Sonoma and am appalled that they do this.  I will no longer be buying from them!!!  Wondering if anyone else has run in to this with WS?
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