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Dallas Bridal Show this Weekend?

Hey ladies - My MOH and I are planning to attend the bridal show this weekend in Dallas and I was just wondering if any of you were also planning on attending and if so, what you were looking forward to.  I've never been so I'm not sure what to expect... any tips?


Sponsored by The Knot, KISS FM and Quest Drape
(Since 1990, the third largest bridal show in the US)
January 23-24, 2010
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. both days
Dallas Market Hall
World-renowned wedding gown designer Demetrios & Celebrity Wedding Planner Donnie Brown
2200 Stemmons Fwy.
Dallas, TX
Exit: Market Center Blvd.
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Re: Dallas Bridal Show this Weekend?

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    I'm going with a bride friend of mine. We're going to just get possible specials on any vendors she's interested in. I got about $200 off my venue and $100 off my DJ from bridal show specials. Places like David's Bridal also gives coupons there and she's interested in a David's dress.
    Don't put your name into every drawing under the sun unless you want to be called/emailed like crazy. In fact, set up a seperate email account if you want to put your email out there for those things. Many of the contest are those things where you "win" a vacation, but you have to attend something for some-odd hours.
    Otherwise, just eat all the free cake you can and get your ring cleaned for free and have fun :)
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    I agree with cherrrylll.  Don't give everyone your info.  I did that at my first bridal show and I am still regretting it.  Also, I noticed at a second bridal show that I didn't give everyone my information and they still emailed me - so I think when I signed up for the door prize or big giveaway or whatever (right when you walk in the door) - I think they shared that information with everyone.  Also, be careful not to sign up for everything because I had a vendor give my information that they received at a bridal show to another vendor that attended the initial vendors open house.  I was beyond agitated.  But, definitely enjoy the cake and any special shows - fashion shows, etc.  Don't sign up for free honeymoons - they are bogus.  Also, the dallas bridal show is huge and can be overwhelming.  I think it's good to know that going in - then it's not so bad.  But mostly just have fun!! 
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    Make address labels with your information on them so that when people ask for all of your info you can  just hand them a label. I did set up a separate email address for the bridal show. Also, mark the flyers of the vendors that you REALLY like. Otherwise, you'll get home with 5 million peices of paper and not remember who was who. You'll definitely get good bridal show specials... I got 50% off of my DJ, and several discounts off of my tuxes. Good luck!!
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    I agree with all the pp! 

    Make sure to make address labels with your name, address and email. Otherwise you have to write it out everytime or buy them there and they charge like $15!!

    Don't sign up for everything...especially honeymoons.

    Wear comfy shoes...you will be in pain from walking around so much. I spent 5 hours there last year!!

    They generally had out bags, what I did was I had two bags. Ones for the people I was interested in and one I could throw away once I got out...I didn't want to be rude and deny any flyers.

    Don't feel bad by stopping someone from selling you a pitch. EVERY vendor will try to convince you that you have to go with them. It is so annoying.

    Have a blast!!! 
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