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Expensive Knife Set

We are looking at a very expensive brand of knives, but the cost of the set is way out of any guest's price do we register for the overly expensive set hoping that A. someone splurges and purchases it, or B. they see that we would like this set, and decide to buy one or two individually? Or, should we just register for each of the knives individually?

Re: Expensive Knife Set

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    You can register individually and exchange for a set if you get enough pieces.  We just registered for a small set and a bread knife, then used money from our cash gifts to purchase it.
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    It could possibly be bought as a group gift or you could buy it afterwards if the place you registered offers a completion discount. 
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    If you are talking about $1000+ knife set I would leave it off or break into pieces, but if it is a good set for less than $1K then I would put it on as people sometimes go into together to get you a bigger gift.  If nothing else you'll likely get a discount on it later.
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    Macy's told me (so that this for what its worth) that you should register for the set (in case there is a group that wants to buy it) AND the individual pieces.  Having nice knives is awesome.
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    I am just registering for the individual knives.
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    I would register for the individual knives.  No one seems to buy really expensive gifts it seems.  
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    I registered for just the individual pieces, but the set I liked came with a 3 piece "set" with the knife block, a paring knife and a santuko knife. It has space to add additional knofe to make your own set. Would that be an option for the knives you picked?
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