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Destination Wedding- Gifts for the Guests?? HELP

I am having a destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico and a reception in KC when we return home. We have around 30 guests coming to the wedding and I would like to do some kind of gift for those that come (I have different favors for my reception). I have already gotten personalized koozies but I would like to do something else to go with them. However, I need to find something REALLY CHEAP because my budget is dwindling quickly! Any Ideas?

Re: Destination Wedding- Gifts for the Guests?? HELP

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    They do screenprinting now as well.  You could design a logo, monogram, whatever (or have one done - there are a ton of people on Etsy that make them) and have it screenprinted on some tote bags they could use as beach bags to haul towels, etc. in. 

    If I think of more I'll come back and add to this.  Good luck!
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    If your budget is running out, why worry about it?  They don't really need anything, and honestly... it's just another item they have to try and fit in the suitcase.  Favors are not necessary, and it's very doubtful they would want to carry a tote with your wedding date/names/ etc on them.
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    Ditto skipping anything that has your wedding name/date on it.  It might be fun for that weekend, but after everyone goes home it's probably going to go in the trash.

    How about waiting until you get to Mexico and buying something local?  One of the knotties on the Destination Weddings board bought mini maracas for each of her guest from a local vendor and it cost her a fraction of what it would have cost her to buy them in the U.S. - not to mention she didn't have to find room for them in her suitcase.

    We're doing a DW as well (a U.S. location) and are getting a small box of candy from a very well-known sweet shop in the town where we're getting married.  I wanted something our guests would use/enjoy while they were in town and not have to pack to take back home. has lots of trial-sized goodies if you want to go that route.  GL!
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