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Fine China?

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved my grandmother's china and what it symbolized. I have actually recently inherited her china hutch and cannot wait to fill it with my own china. Because of this, I feel it is important to register for fine china dinnerware. However, I am perplexed with how many to register for especially because one set of dinnerware (5 pieces) can easily be $100, or more (where I am registering at), and I feel bad for putting 6 or 8 of those down plus all the little extras (suger bowl, creamer, serving tray etc). What is a reasonable number to register for and expect to be used? I would appreciate any insight to this, because I have no idea.

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    It depends on how many people you think you will be entertaining at one time, but keep in mind that you will want to use the china forever so just because you only have 6 people at a time now doesn't mean you won't have more later.  And the pattern could be discontinued, so it's better to get it all now.  I don't think anybody will think it's weird if you register for 12.  It's not like they have to buy it if they don't want to, and I'm sure you will have other options available that are cheaper.
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    We registered for 12 because we plan on hosting holidays and doing a lot of entertaining. Plus keep in mind that unfortunately sometimes dishes and stemware will end up breaking, so you'll want to have extras on hand in case that happens. HTH!
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    we registered for 16, but we have a huge italian family and i already decided we'll take over the thanksgiving hosting duties once we're married :)
    i would say 8-12 is the norm, try to figure out how many people you will probably be hosting.
    also- i think serving bowls and accessories  that match are nice, but if you're worried about the cost you dont necessarily need a sugar bowl/creamer and gravy boat that necessarily match the pattern, you can find plain white china ones that complement the pattern but isnt 90$ for a little sugar bow;
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    Usually I think 8-12 is the norm to register for, and people won't think you're greedy for that.  Perhaps if you're worried just register for the place settings and buy the additional stuff (creamer, sugar bowl) with some of the wedding money, 
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    Register for as many as you think you will need, tho chances are you will not get all of them, so its a good idea to choose a pattern that will be classic and continue for awhile, the store can help you with thet, so you can purchase more as you need them. My mom loves to serve meals on the 'wedding china' but in truth she only recieved four sets for their wedding, and she filled it out later when they could afford it, she doesnt know which peices were gifts now since they all got mixed in so its all wedding china, she is glad that she can invite more than two people for dinner at a time now :)
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    Here's an idea:  If you only want 10-12 place settings, you can register for 14, and if you get all the place settings but not the expensive serving pieces, you can take back the extra place settings and trade them in for the other pieces.  That's what my cousin did, and she now has the complete pattern.
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