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Help with finding some dishes please!!!

Okay, a few months ago, FI and I went looking for some dishes to register for. We found some at JC Penney that we both loved. Last week, however, FI, FMIL, and I went to JC Penney shopping and I just decided to stroll by the plates to look at my dishes again. - Well, they weren't there. Then I asked the saleswoman. She looked in her computer and said they still had 1 set left for $11.52 (for the entire 16 pc set!) I was so excited. I was going to buy them right then!!! Well, we couldn't find them anywhere in the store. We looked for 30 minutes. She even looked in the back room. Finally, she decided her computer was wrong. They had probably sold out already. Now I'm having trouble finding dishes to register for inplace of these. Here's a photo I took when I registered for them:

Our kitchen is "mexican" themed. FI loved these because although they're simple, they look almost hand painted because each stripe has some variation in texture, pattern, etc. He loves this hand painted, simplistic look. I love the bright colors.  The only reason we registered at JC Penneys was for these dishes.  Does anyone know where we could find dishes similar to this (for less than $100) that look (or are) handpainted, bold colors, and not flowery?  

I found some china earlier that I liked, but I don't remember where, it was plain white with one bold, black brush stroke across the side. 

I need ideas please (and photos if you have them!)

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