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Place for gifts and cards?

I don't really want to put up a designated table for gifts and cards. I don't want it to seem like I am expecting the guests to bring them. (Although I definently wouldn't turn them away) What are some ideas to have a place for the gifts and cards without it seeming like I am obviously  expecting them?

Re: Place for gifts and cards?

  • Have a table that has some empty space on it in a central (watchable) location. Put something pretty and big and hard to get into like a box or birdcage near it or on it. Put the guestbook stuff near here too. Voila!
  • I answered you in your post directly below this one.
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    You might have a closet or table in another room where gifts can be stored until after the wedding...let your coordinator, if any, and/or wedding party members know so they can direct guests with gifts to those places and then lock up the area afterwards.
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