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Number of registries...HELP!

I have an issue that I'm dealing with. I am in the process of registering, and there are only a few items that are "store" exclusive items that I want. The way it looks now, I will have about 7 registries, but only with 20 or so items each. Does this look greedy? If so, what do I do?

Re: Number of registries...HELP!

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    Yeah 7 is kind of crazy. We did 3. I've never seen anyone do more than that.
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    I believe 2-3 is customary. We decided to each pick one place so we have two registries.
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    I had the same problem so I ended up just registering at since it lets you add whatever you want from any store to one registry. If you still want the option of a store registry (I was worried about my grandparents being able to use the online registry), they will let you import store registries from a few stores (I imported one from Crate & Barrel) so you will still have that option for anyone who needs it. Yeah, definitely don't open 7 registries, people will think that is weird! Just do this instead and then you can still get what you want without looking rude!
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    I think that we have about 5 with just a little on each of them. The only bedding that I liked was at Kohls so I had to create a registry there, and there is really only bedding on it. I think that it is a good idea so that people have a variety of places that they can go to! 7 seems like a bit much, but it's whatever you want. I don't think people will think you are greedy if you only have a little bit on each. Just think about what you really want!
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