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A little advice please!!

Here's my situation. Fi and I will have been together 4 years when we get married this summer. When we moved in together we were both already had fully furnished homes and ended up with doubles of everything. So we chose the best of what we had and downsized.

I've been told by several people that we need to register. But for what? There is nothing we need for our house as we already downsized. Someone else had told me to do a cash wedding. By this she meant include an empty envelope with the invitations (I find this very tacky).

So my question to you ladies is. How to do I go about not registering and certainly not giving envelopes out with invitations. We are quite happy not receiving anything. And if we are to receive anything (which is usually the case) we would prefer cash. Not quite sure what to do. Help please!!!

Thanks in advance for any input!!
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