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So, we were planning on doing a honeymoon registry once we finally decided on a destination.  We booked our honeymoon (a cruise) and the cruise planner sent us a thing called "honeymoon wishes" and we were reading the fine print and they are going to charge like 10% for every monetary gift we receive from that website... Which IMO is outrageous.  sooo, what do we do now?  Pretty much all the people that are coming are either close friends or relatives so I think if they know whats going on they will understand why we aren't doing that.. But how do you ask (or not ask) for money and get it anyway?  And how do you get the word out that money is what we want without sounding tacky..

Re: Outrageous..

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    There is NO polite or un-tacky way to ask for money... It is very rude and distasteful!! I think the guest would be VERY offended!! 
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    This is one of the reasons HM registries are so tacky.  The couple doesn't get what the guest thinks they're giving.

    When people ask about where you are registered, have your mom, FMIL, whoever say "they have a small registry at BB&B, but they are really saving for the HM."  Anyone so inclined will write you a check.  But really, people know that money is always a welcome gift.  If they want to give you money, they will.

    I sure hope you didn't book a HM you can't afford. 
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    Yeah - ditto MyNameIsNot.

    This is one of the MANY reasons why people dislike them.  If I'm going to give you $100.  I want you to get $100.   When I give a toaster, the couple doesn't have to go to the store with another $4 for the cord.

    Instead, the 'i'd appreciate money' is something only stated via word of mouth and ONLY when people ask you.
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    yeah, this is one of the reasons that HM registries suck.
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    I agree with PP's.  You can only do it by word of month and only if asked. 

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    thanks guys.  we def didnt book anything crazy that we cannot afford.. we just dont really need another toaster or crockpot lying around our apt.  we were going to use the money we got from others to book our excersions and save the rest to buy a house..
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    Definitely word of mouth would be appropriate, but also - if you just do one small registry, people may see that the dozen or so items have been purchased and just think ok i'll write a check.
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    I wish I had a registry for people to give me money when I bought my house. I  just had to use money that I earned from working.
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