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how many items?

We have about 140 items on our registry. This does not count multiples of things like place settings. This is spread out over 3 registries. We are inviting 200 people to the wedding, probably will have around 170 or so there. I will also have two bridal showers. Does this seem like too many items to have on the regestries? We have like 3 sets of sheets, 2 duvet covers, 2 quilt/sham sets (for different seasons.) i just put whatever i liked/we needed on there, but i am a bit afraid of appearing too gift grabby, since the registries do seem quite long when i look at them onine. thoughts! would love to hear how many items you ladies have up vs. the number of guests you expect. thanks so much!!

Re: how many items?

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     You could reduce your list to the things you really need at first, then add to it after the showers. Just make sure there are plenty of selections in the lower price range.
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    I definitely don't think it's too much. 

    I think it's better to have a lot on your registry so people have tons of options.  Also, that way once you are married, you can always go back and print off your registry and buy some of the things you didn't receive. 
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    I agree with lkm - I don't think you have too much. Register for what you need. We registered for about a gift per person invited to the wedding. Not every guest will bring a guest (ie. 1 gift/couple) but most buy multiple little things for example. If you don't get everything, you usually get a discount after your wedding too. Don't leave something off if you really need/want it. Make sure you monitor it and add items if you have to in order to keep a variety of things in all price points, especially right before your showers and the wedding.
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    Thanks all. MWhitson, this is a great idea. Maybe I will take down the less important stuff befre the showers, and put them back up afterwards. THANKS :)
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