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White Wine Glasses or Champagne Flutes?

We got married Oct 2 and are going through our registries to decide what we really want off of them that we did not get. We recieved crystal glasses for iced beverages and a red wine type goblet (it says its a generic wine goblet, but definitely shaped as a red wine). The pattern of the crystal also has white wine glasses and champagne flutes, and we were thinking about getting one of these. Would people really have a problem, or even notice, drinking white wine out of a red wine glass? I'm leaning towards the champagne flutes, but not sure if white wine glasses would be a better pick, as formal place settings usually have seperate red wine,  and white wine glasses.

Opinions - Champagne flutes or white wine glasses? (please don't say both - its not in the budget)

Re: White Wine Glasses or Champagne Flutes?

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    Depends on what your entertaining style is. Do you plan on throwing formal dinner parties? If so, you should have both types of wine glasses. Champagne flutes are only really useful for mimosas and New Year's toasts. (Mmm... mimosas...) Buy what you'll get the most use out of.
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    We drink white wine quite often, but not champange, so we'd likely get the white wine glasses.  However, I am not a wine snob, so if I were at a friend's house I wouldn't care what kind of glass I drank any color wine out of. 

    How many are you looking to purchase?  Maybe you can get a smaller amount of them?
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    I think it really depends on how much of a wine geek you are.  Back before I was pregnant, DH and I would use the correct type of glass down the correct type of wine.

    In the US we drink sparkling wine not nearly as often as people do in Europe.  For that reason, if you had to pick one or the other, I'd pick a white wine glass.

    BUT, I think getting some flutes can be a great inexpensive investment. 
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    I went with white wine and red wine glasses only.  We don't drink a ton of champagne at all.  So we have our toasting glasses if H and I ever want to celebrate, otherwise, we're most likely to serve our guests wine.  If we do serve champagne, they're going to have to drink it out of white wine glasses (or we'll buy cheap champagne glasses from Ikea in anticipation).
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    We have Waterford Marquis all purpose wine glasses, double old fashioneds, and iced tea glasses. The all purpose goblet is shaped like you described but it is fine for either red or white wine. If you do decide to get another type of glass, I would definitely go with white wine glasses. But I honestly don't think you will need them with a generic wine goblet.
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    I think you can get by using the "red wine" glasses for your white wine until you have available funds.  There is no other glass comparable to a champagne flute, so that would be my pick if I was in your situation.  

    Something to consider is getting a different pattern of champagne flute - something perhaps less expensive, but has a special look to it.  Then, you've got another decoration for your table.  That might free up funds for you to get the white wine glasses if you see yourself using those.  As far as inexpensive champagne flutes, my personal favorite is the Crystal D'Arques - it's lead crystal, and has a beautiful shape.  You can also do the Crescendo champagne flutes (both are 29.99 for a set of 4), or the Luigi Bormioli "Michelangelo" pattern -- those are actually lead-free crystal and just beautiful on any table or with any pattern.  I'm a Bed Bath and Beyond LOVER, and I go there just about 2 or 3 times a month... so that's where I see these glasses all the time.  

    Just an idea... not sure what you're going for, but that's what I would do! 
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    I would get the white wine glasses if you have to choose.

    Ordinary dinners have red wine glasses, white wine glasses and sometimes water glasses.  I only have all because I am the first daughter of the first daughter, etc. and we get everything from prior generations.  That's just the forma chrystal.  My champagne glasses are bowls from the 19th century.  Useless other than for a fancy desert.

    My sister,  sister in law and I have a conbined collection of about 100 champagne flutes.  We bring them to all family events.  Thanksgiving for 40, 100 for the Steeplechase, another 50 for Christmas , Easter, etc
    If you have a large family, go for the traditional 12 of everything good and leave the champagne to chance and combinging families!
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    We ended up going crazy and registering for 16 each of red wine, white wine, iced beverage, and champagne flute and got all of them for our e-party. I'm really happy and surprised, but I have since realized that its totally unnecessary. I can't see us using the champagne flutes often and when we do it will probably be when we just have people over for cocktails and not a plated formal meal so it wouldnt matter if it matches the rest of the crystal or the china.

    I would go for the white wine, I think you would use it more. I don't care about drinking white wine out of a red wine goblet, but the older people in my family would think it was strange, esp for a formal dinner. Then I would at some point buy regular glass (not crystal) champagne flutes, although I would just wait to buy them until an event comes up when you need them. Unless you really love champagne, you may find that you don't really have occasions where you would need the flutes at home.
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    I personally would go for the white wine glasses, I think you'd get more use out of them unless you are large champagne drinkers. 

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    White wine glasses.. if you're anything like me and my DH we drink wine regularly but only have champagne for special occasions.. such as holidays.. or when we are celebrating something.
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