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Should I add more?

So, being the registry stalker that I am, I logged into my Macy's registry today and at the top it said "there are 10 gifts on your list."  Ten???  This morning there were 39!  Someone bought all our stemware and other things and some other things and I am SO amazed and grateful to them, but should I add more?  I have another registry at BBB, and there are 44 things left on that registry.  Most the stuff left at BBB is inexpensive (I think there are only two things left that are $50...all the rest is under that) and the ten things left at Macy's range from $28-$200.  Should I find more stuff to add at Macy's or should I transfer some of the stuff at BBB over?  Or should I just leave it as it is....perhaps I am just overthinking this.  We have a little over a month left and have received 5-6 presents in the mail so far and I have already had my bridal shower.  Just wanted other opinions....thanks!
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Re: Should I add more?

  • I would only add more stuff if there are things you truly need/want. Otherwise, if it gets completely bought out, people will probably just give you cash/gift cards, or things of their own choosing. 
  • How many people are invited to your wedding? If you have a really large guest list, I might add a few more things if there is stuff you genuinely want and could use. If not, then I agree with PP - leave it alone. 
  • We have over 170 invited, we have about 198 items on the registry. Typically they say double the amount of guests but some are kids (about 15) and we truly put what we wanted for the home we will buy after the wedding. Granted we didn't put curtains or guest room/guest bath items because we have no clue how many rooms we will buy or baths...we figure if we get gift cards or duplicates we have to exchange we will use those to cover the other rooms. FI and I agreed if the list gets bought out a faster rate than expected we will walk the store one more time and see if there is other items we fall in love with. After the wedding we are using what is left as a shopping list.
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  • We have 160 invited....probably about 120-130 coming....we don't have all the RSVPs.  I think we will take your advice and look and see if there's anything else we could use and then add it if needed.  Thanks!
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