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Gift Question-Advice Needed

My FI is in a wedding in NY and lives in NC. He has to purchase a plane ticket, a rental car, a hotel stay, and a rental car. How much should he spend on a gift for the bride and groom? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Re: Gift Question-Advice Needed

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    Yea I agree with these posts, give what you are comfortable giving. My FI and I are in a simialr situation, I just finished paying for the brides shower, her wedding is in napa nex month and we're both in the wedding.... and we live in seattle. We're spending a $100 limit..... but she registered at macys and with all their sales and coupons you can get quite a bit for $100! just a thought
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    Give what you can afford, there's no set amount.  Gifts from our BP ranged from nothing to an expensive knife set.  Everyone has different economic circumstances.
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    I do'nt really expect my friends who have to travel to give me a wedding gift... also, dear abby says you can wait a year before giving the gift, so that might help.
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    I agree with the year rule. I have seem it done a number of times, especially with larger gifts like $1000. But at least be sure to give a card at the wedding that says they'll be getting a gift later. Otherwise they'll think you forgot them altogether!

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