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Unknown sender!

I received a gift off my registry a few days ago. Unfortunately, whoever purchased the gift didn't include a note or anything, and buyer information isn't available on Bed, Bath & Beyond's website. I called their customer service line, and was told that the gift was purchased at a store rather than online, so there is absolutely no way of finding out who bought it.

I'd really like to be able to send a thank you card to the sender, but I have no clue who that is! Have any of you run into this problem, and if so, is it fixable? Should I just wait and hope someone says something about the gift at the wedding?

Re: Unknown sender!

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    Maybe you should mention something to your parents and your FILs and see if they can ask around.  It might be an older family member (I say this because they purchased it in store instead of online) and maybe they just forgot to put in a little note.

    Oh, maybe you can figure out what store it came from and that could narrow down the people.
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    I agree with PP.  Can you find out which store it was bought from?  Knowing what town might help to narrow down who bought it for you. 
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    Maybe by the time the wedding is over you will be able to figure it out through the process of elimination? Or if you can find out the store, maybe see if there's a way for them to find out the name if it was purchased with a credit card (as long as you just want the name I don't see why they couldn't share that info with you)?
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    Was there a way to find out on the website if it was bought online? I can't find that anywhere.
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