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Our families are throwing my FI and I an engagement party in late September. Should we start our registry before then? I've always brought gifts to engagement parties, but never found them through a registry.
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Re: Engagement Party

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    Yes, register before then.  You don't need to make your entire registry but just have some stuff on there for people that want to bring a gift.  Your wedding is less than a year away so registering should be on your list of things to do anyway.
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    At under a year I agree with pp and say go ahead and register.  It doesn't have to be complete and you can always add more.  As I think of stuff I go into ours and add it.
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    My mom insisted that we register before our e-party and I'm really glad we did. According to my bridesmaids, anytime someone RSVPed, they asked where we were registered. Not everyone brought gifts, mind you, but people asked. Go ahead and get one started, at least.


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    It seems like gifts at engagement parties are the norm now. I think it would be wise to at least set something even if it's target and only a few things. Even if they don't get things off the reg. it will give them ideas as to what you guys like.
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    Definitely.  I am just starting with my registry for my engagement party on  I plan on updating my registry on this site after the engagement party for my bridal shower and this way I can keep the same wish list, but just add any new items that I find down the road.
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