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Do we have to give the parents gifts at the rehearsal?

I'm wondering if we need to give our parents their gifts at the rehearsal.  We are going to provide the bridal party their gifts there.  The reason I would prefer not to is because my parents have been more supportive and helpful so I am giving them more gifts.  Our gifts to both parents will be wedding albums so it will be sort of a "credit" gift (since we will not have the pics yet)- or we could get them frames to put our wedding pic in.

However, I am giving my parents other gifts too and I will give them after the rehearsal (even though I want to give it to them there) so that I don't hurt feelings.

Basically- I would prefer to give parents the alblum "credit" picture frames after the rehearsal because I don't want the people at the rehearsal to think that our parents were both helpful and loving to us.  His parents have been mean and hurtful alot and I know that I should be the bigger person- but it is hard.  Any thoughts?

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