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  • The blatant rudeness of this has already been discussed ad nauseum on this board, but I'm curious how much money you think you will get for your wedding.  Granted we had a small wedding but even though we got what I would consider very generous gifts (cash and boxed), we didn't get anywhere near enough to make even a modest down payment. 

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    [QUOTE]I see everyone is just ripping you apart for asking for money. Well, if that is the case <strong>isn't ANY registry tacky</strong>? It is supposed to be only a suggestion, but most if not all of your guests will go by the registry if they plan to give you a gift. I don't like the idea of asking for money, but we will have a money chest at the reception on the gift table. Some of my friends have already asked me what we really NEED as a gift and would laugh if I told them a vase or a set of towels. If they ASK ME then I am going t tell them and why.  We are getting married close to our hometown in the south, but live in Seattle so our wedding is a destination wedding for us as the bride and groom. I do understand how that makes it harder on the bride and groom to receive gifts because we are in the same situation. Plus, <strong>we are in our 30's so we already have the traditional items a young couple would request on a registry</strong>. So this is what I am doing and maybe this will help you out. I<strong> am doing a small registry at a department store to give our guests that option and then having a registry at Walmart (and other stores we shop at often). So for example, let's say we receive $500 in walmart gift cards. We will use that gift card for our day to day shopping (like groceries) and put our own money that we would have spent on groceries into the (in your case) new house fund. You will still get the same thing you want, but SUGGESTING it in a rerouted more tasteful way. 
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    1.  Did you even read the posts before you posted.  Three or four before yours, Retread answered this question.

    2.  The "we're in our 30's" argument holds no water.  Again, read the posts.  A lot of us were in our 30s when we married and still found things to put on a registry - and most people took the hint and gave money.  As for the argument that you live 1000s of miles away, that also doesn't fly.  Most wedding gifts are shipped right to your house.  When we had our California reception, we had very few people bring gifts.  For those who did, we boxed them up and shipped them home to Philadelphia.

    3.  Please tell me you are not puting gift cards on your registry.
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