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Intimate bridal shower

I really want to have a small, personal bridal shower with close family and friends.. My question is how many items should you register for when only inviting like 20 people? I don't want to look gift grabby at all.


Re: Intimate bridal shower

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    Well first, remember that the shower is thrown for and not by you.  So the hostess can ask you for your input on what you'd prefer, but this isn't something you do for yourself and it would be equally inappropriate to outright ask for it.

    When you do create a registry though, it's for the two of you as you get married.  People purchased off our registries for showers and the wedding gift.    It's always a good idea to have a variety of items in a variety of price points.
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    I also have provided a small list for my shower, but we are doing a pretty full registry so people have options for the shower and wedding.
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    I've been told to register for 2-3 things per guest that way they have plenty of options for the shower and the wedding if they choose.  Sometimes people also buy you birthday or Christmas gifts off a registry as well. 

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