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Registry Problem!! People with no internet...

I've listed our wedding website on the invitations that has our registry information but some of the people are older and may not have internet access.

How do I let those people know where I'm registered at? Someone mentioned putting it on the RSVP card but they'll be sending that card back...

Could I add a business sized card that lists our registries and put that with the invitation? My wedding is a semi-formal summer afternoon event, so I'm not sending out highly formal invitation anyway.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



Re: Registry Problem!! People with no internet...

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    Trust me, we old people know how to get registry information without the internet. We can just call your mom on our land lines : ) Don't worry registries existed long before the internet.
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    Ditto pp's please do not include any registry info on.. in.. or near the invitations. If people want to give you a gift off your registry all they have to do is ask where you're registered. We didn't include any registry info with our invites and no one has had a problem figuring out where we're registered, even the older guests. Just make sure your parents and WP know where you're registered so they can inform people when they're asked. HTH!
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