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Parents Gift Idea

From post-stalking on here I got the idea of giving both sets of parents a personalized sketch as a "thank you for helping/putting up with wedding craziness" gift. The sketch would be of them on their wedding days. An online search led me to this site:


Does anyone know if this site is legit? Are there any other sites that offer paintings or drawings for reasonable prices?

Also: We would do this for my parents and his mother and stepfather. His father and stepmother live in another state and aren't really playing an active role in the wedding aside from showing up, but they are still important to us. Should we get them the same gift (the sketch/painting)?

Re: Parents Gift Idea

  • Depending on how much your parents are helping, it may be insulting to get your FIL's the same gift. If your parents are paying for things and putting more work into the wedding, I would get them something in addition to the sketch and give it to them privately.
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