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Why you don't need a HM registry

My DH and I were pretty broke when we got married.  We did two small registries: one at Macy's, one at Crate and Barrel.  We didn't send out the cards.  We didn't do a wedding website.  We didn't advertise how much we needed cash.  We let word spread on its own.

The result?

We paid for our entire HM with wedding money.  (ETA: And yes, we went somewhere that requires a passport, a long flight, and another language.)  We didn't need a HM registry; people were generous because we weren't acting entitled or crying poverty.  We were two people getting married and throwing a party to celebrate.  We put the guests first.  People responded positively.

Your guests are not idiots.  They know you'll appreciate cash.  Others will want to give you something tangible.  That is okay.  What is NOT okay is asking for cash for your HM.  You may be surprised that people will do it anyway.

Just something to think about.
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