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Very annoyed at Macy's

So, like everyone else, I registered at Macy's. I found stuff I liked, andwas signing up for a credit card to get all the bonus crap you can get out of Macy's for it. We'd definitely get the $100 gift card after because FI's mom wants to get us a bunch of china for a gift, which was the whole point of the Macy's registry.

So I got a notice in the mail today saying that I was rejected from getting a credit card. WHY?? I've got good credit! So I did what they told me to do in the letter to find out what's wrong (from "Experian Consumer Assistance"), and it says my credit is good. I've got nothing negative on it. Then I asked Macy's why I was rejected and they said they don't have access to that information. Why don't you have access to the reason why I got rejected from applying for YOUR credit card? All she told me (after being put on hold for 10 minutes) is that they don't know. Macy's told me in the letter that their decision was based on what Experian said, from where I got my credit I'm just confused and frustrated now. 

Anyone else have this problem before? 
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