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Another China Set?

I have a gift/etiquette dilemma that I hope you guys can help with.  My fi and I registered for a white china that we plan to use everyday (wedgwood nantucket basket).  We already received a very formal/beautiful china from one grandmother (royal doulton carlyle, very expensive), plus I have a set given to me from my other grandmother that is pretty, not super formal but nice nonetheless (wedgwood countryside).  We very rarely entertain.  For my bridal shower, one of my grandmothers gave me another set (the same one who gave my the pretty, less formal set before).  It's also pretty, but colorful and patterned - hard to use everyday with our decor.   While it was an incredibly kind and generous gift, I'm just not sure how many china sets we can store in the house.  Any advice?  There is essentially no chance that they'll ever come visit us and be surprised not to see it - they're not even coming to the wedding.  It's a retired pattern, so I can't return it persay, but I could try to sell it.  Ugh, I dunno what to do!!

Re: Another China Set?

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    I think I would hold onto it for a while, then decide later if you want to keep it. I know how you feel - my mom has three sets of china. But believe it or not, she uses all three depending on the occasion/holiday. At least your everyday dishes likely will be stored separate from the fine china.
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    These are all full sets? Like 12 place settings?

    If any of them are heirloom I wouldn't sell them, but I might hold onto them to give to a sister or cousin (so they can stay in the family). If the sets aren't heirloom, you might consider returning or selling the one you think you'd use least and use the money to get the serving pieces and other accessories for one of the existing sets.

    There's nothing that says you can't use nice china every day. Bone china is actually very durable and resistent to chipping, and as long as they don't have metalic rims most of them are dishwasher and microwave safe.

    What is the pattern of the 3rd set?
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    Honestly, that sounds like a ton of china.  I would try selling them.  You're going to already have your everyday china, and two fomal sets (if I read that correctly) - why have a fourth setting?  Kind of silly to me anyway
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    That is a ton of china. Hold on to the sets until someone passes on, or doesn't remember they gave it to you. (I know this is a morbid answer). Then pass it on to another relative. It should be ok if it stays in the family.

    I have my grandmother's china set that is white with a gold rim. Service for 8. NMS, but it was free and keeps me from having to pick a new pattern. Our everyday plates are from IKEA (set of 8) and we also have a 4-place setting of white Corelle from when we lived in a much smaller place with no dishwasher.
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    hold onto it for awhile.  It seems like a lot but you can just store what you don't use.  I don't think that they will be looking for it even if they do come over.  Also, maybe one day you can give a set to a future daughter(s).  Good luck!
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