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*Miss Angel*

Just have to say your combo of Perez Photography and St. Anns is going to be absolutely gorgeous--I believe they are parishioners and know the place well. I cant wait to see pics!

Let me know if you have any questions about St. Anns--I didn't realize they provided a coordinator for the actual wedding day mass until the week of the wedding!

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    MissAngelMissAngel member
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    When I contacted Perez and told them I was getting married at St. Ann's, they told me they were married there too!  I'm really excited we were able to swing them.  I had to cut some things out to make that budget, but I REALLY wanted them :) 

    About St. Ann's Coordinators, I used to be one :)  Until I moved to Houston.  The ladies were a great bunch to work with and it was a very rewarding and happy ministry to be in.
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    Jay+MarissaJay+Marissa member
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    Neat!  I think you have mentioned that before, but I always forget it
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