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China place settings

My fiancé and I were Christmas shopping today and we saw a set we absolutely love - they had used a simple pattern as a base, but paired it with a plain gold charger and more ornate salad plate from another pattern - it looked awesome.

The issue's pricey. Not crazy or anything, but enough to make me wonder if we should choose it. I love china, and will use it - in my family we use the china at least once a week- so I'd definitely fill out the place settings myself and be fine with that. 

Would you register for it and just see what happens? Or just buy it after the wedding? I don't want to look "grabby" and I told FI that if we choose it, it can be the *only* expensive thing on the registry....what do you guys think?

**Disclaimer - my wedding isn't until next December but my family wanted us to choose a pattern so that they could start it this Christmas. 

Re: China place settings

  • If you want and would use china, go ahead and register for it.  As long as you have a range of price points, it's fine to have expensive china on your registry.  I don't think it looks gift grabby and long as your regsitry is balanced out by less expensive items. 

    You might want to look a few posts down about how many placesetting different people received off of their registries.  It really depends on your crowd if many people will buy you china or not.  But if your family is already asking you about choosing a china pattern, it sounds like at least some people will be willing to buying it for you.
  • Yeah, I actually saw that thread and was pretty blown away - my friends in the same group (ie, kids of my parents' friends) have been getting between 12 and 16 place settings. It's a popular item here but I'm also in a small town in the deep south so that might have something to do with it - people tend to buy china/crystal/silver and avoid the more alternative registries. I was more concerned about the price (but it's not $300 a place setting or anything like that!)
  • Like PP said, as long as your have different price points on your registry, registering for expensive china is ok. 
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    I found a china pattern I loved, but it was just too expensive.  (We registered for a cheaper patter that I also love!).  I just knew our friends/family and I coudln't in good conscience ask them to pay that much for it.  I knew no one would buy it. 

    With everything on our registry, I did 2 gut checks:  1) would I be willing to spend the money on this myself?  If not, I didn't put it on the registry and 2)  if I saw this on a friends registry, would I think it was too much?  If yes, it did not go on our registry.  While I get the idea of splurging on a few things, I just couldn't ask my friends/family to spend more on me than I would on myself.  Especially for china because it is not 1 expensive thing, it is 8 to 12 items plus serving pieces, etc, so it is a large chunk of your registry.

    Just for reference:  our china 5 pps was $89 each (at BBB, about $100 on sale at Macy's).  But then again, I definitely saw brides at Macy's registering for like $200 place settings, so I guess it depends on what your friends/family can afford.
  • It can't hurt to register. As long as it is a pattern you love and something you would buy yourself - even over time to finish completing. You're family is already asking about China so they may buy it for you or even go in on some settings.

    Some stores offer completion discounts, bonus servings or a setting if x settings are puchased and sometimes they go on sale.

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