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Thank You cards for HM registry

Hi Girls-

So in addition to our Macys registry, FI and I also registered for a HM registry.  We have started to receive notifications that many of our friends/family have purchased gifts, well in advance of our shower (which I think is sometime in's a surprise, so not sure). 

Do you think I should start sending out thank you cards now?  Or should I wait until after the shower?  I had initially thought I should send them out now, but when I thanked my FMIL in person for her generous gifts, she was surprised that we knew the gift was from her (surprised that we even knew about actually).  So - I'm a bit stuck.  I figure some will feel like FMIL did and not think we knew of the contribution until after shower, while I think some others may wonder why a thank you card was not sent yet.

Thoughts?  And please...if you don't feel my H-moon registry was proper etiquette, well I'm not looking for a debate on that - just feedback on the above pickle :)


Re: Thank You cards for HM registry

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    Thank you notes for any gifts received before the wedding should be sent right away.

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    I would not send the thank you's until after the gift is received. Since they didn't give it to you yet, I wouldn't send the thank you until they do. Some people might not like that you know what they got you because your registry alerted you, but they haven't gotten a chance to give it to you yet. What if they change their mind or do something different.. awkward
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