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My fiance has been begging for a Playstation 3 game console for the past several years, and as a joke, we added it to our registry.  My mom found out and would not leave me alone about how inapprorpiate that item was for a wedding registry (she and her 50-60 year old friends all agreed).  I eventually gave in and removed the list (the groomsmen may give it to him as a gift now).  What is appropriate/inappropriate in the way of electronics for your registry?  We're going on a two-week honeymoon to Europe and have considered adding an affordable digital camera to the list as well.  Is this taboo too?

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    I think as long as you have a good variety of options on your registry, it doesn't hurt to put it on.  However, unless you receive it at your shower it may not be such a great idea since you want to take it on your honeymoon and
    a) you may not receive it at all and you will be without a camera, or scrambling to buy one at the last minute
    b) you do receive at your wedding, but then realize you need special batteries or memory card and then are scrambling to buy these.  You also don't have time to learn all of the camera's features and test it out.
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    I would say a camera is more acceptable than a game console, but that if your mom and her friends were that upset about the PS3, chances are they would be upset about the camera too.
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    I think it's fine as long as you have "traditional" items as well as different price ranges on the registry. 
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    We put board games on ours, and I'd love to put a new camera, but FI does all that techie research for us and he's not into that idea yet. I don't see how board games are any different from video games, if you both play them. I have seen both on registries before, and I think its fun.
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    Our first wedding gift that we received was the Wii Fit Bundle Package! A couple of my old college roommates who aren't able to travel to the wedding chipped in and bought it for us. It was so sweet of them! We honestly didn't know whether or not to put it on the registry and when we actually did I never thought anyone would actually buy it for us, but you will be surprised! Put it on there and just see what happens. Have a plan to maybe borrow someones camera if you don't receive it. It also might be hard to know if you did or did not get it depending on when you open your gifts. We don't plan on opening them until after we get back from our honeymoon...
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    I don't see anything wrong with the PS3, we have one and a Wii on ours. We also have some books, board games, sports equipment, DVDs, and "traditional" items.

    Gifts we've gotten so far are some traditional stuff, gift cards, and a few hand made items from 60 year olds(which I'm irritated about and wish people would look at the registry).

    Your registry is stuff YOU want and more importantly stuff you'll USE(the quilted stuff we got is already in the garage and I predict at a thrift store in 6 months). 

    There's a reason you're marrying your fiance and not the 60 year old friend of your mother. Those ladies probably got a bunch of embroidered aprons and cookbooks for their weddings.
    If you don't register for what you want, while the 60 year olds may be satisfied, you won't. So what if they are irritated for 1 minute while reading about your PSP  registry? If you let them give you a bunch of handmade dolls and crud YOU will be irritated for much longer.
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