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I could be wrong, but wasn't it you that was talking about how you majored in French in college, or something...or am I way off??

If so, I have some questions for you!

Re: **Kendall**

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    I have my MA in French History:D
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    Oh...so do you know how to speak French by chance??
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    You have found the one thing holding me back from finishing my PhD :P  I speak very very little but have a friend who is fluent if you need it :)
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    Grrrrrr. Hahaha. The reason I ask is I'm taking French 1 and 2 the next two semesters- just for fun-while I'm finishing up my pre-reqs to apply to the nursing program. I only have a few sciences left, and since I already have a degree, I really only needed a few classes. But for us to get loans, I have to be taking a full load. So, I get to just pick some classes that interest me to fill my schedule. Which, I'm so excited about because I've ALWAYS wanted to be able to take college classes for the heck of it. Anyway, I was hoping someone could tell me if I can e pect the language to be difficult to learn, and how much I can actually expect to learn from only 2 classes.
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