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when to register?

Hi everyone!

I am so relieved I found this board! I recently got engaged and was wondering when is the right time to register. My mom is hosting an engagement party for us in september and i was wondering if its ok to register b4 that in case any of our guest want to give us a gift. What do you guys all think?

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Re: when to register?

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    Register at most a couple months before shower invitations go out.  Engagement gifts are typically things like bottle of wine, plant, candle or gift card.
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    I agree; register no more than six months in advance.  If you're planning an October '11 wedding, a LOT of things could go out of stock or be discontinued between the engagement party and the wedding.  It would be pretty crappy to be stuck with half a set of china that was no longer being produced!  (We had a similar situation happen, and it sucked, and we only registered 9 months out!)
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    I registered at BB&B only 5 months before my wedding and already we have had about 10 things be discontinued, including our china (luckily only the matching serving tray had been purchased). Definitely wait until closer to the wedding.
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    I asked someone at Bed Bath & Beyond about that when I was there recently. She recommended that if at all possible we should wait until after the holidays.... so sometime after January... when the rush is over (our wedding is in August 2011).

    She said that by then all the new/updated items would be available. Otherwise it could end up like Brie in PP where they discontinue the china you want.
    We will probably wait until about 6 months before...

    For an engagement party I guess you could register for a few items just in case (and not go overboard on it) - but aren't you supposed to wait until after your wedding to use the gifts anyways? or is that for showers & wedding gifts only?

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    I am having a similiar situation. My parents are hosting an engagment party for us this August a full year before the wedding. People are asking where we are registered to different family memebers. This is making me second guess whether or not we should register for a few things before the engagement party?

    Thoughts on how to have family respond to this?
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