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Cookware sets

I am in love with Rachael Ray's green cookware...I want a green kitchen so it will go perfectly and her cookware is great. But they don't sell green hard anodized cookware. Is the porcelain enamel set just as good???
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Re: Cookware sets

  • I love Rachael Ray's kitchen stuff too, but to have my "orange" kitchen items wit silver KitchenAid mixer, we are just accessorizing with her knife set, pot holders, kitchen cooking utensils, etc.  It is much easier to change those items if my taste in color ever changes.  Plus, we can change colors for the holidays or whatever if we don't have those striking orange (or green) pans.  You also could just register for one or two commonly-used pans from her line, like your 10-inch skillet, or your sauce pot or something, so you have the green color in the pans you would use the most.   Like PP said, I am much more concerned with quality on my cookware rather than color... we ended up sticking with the cookware I already have, which is the SamsClub imitation of All-Clad (which I think is actually made by all-clad), and doing non-stick pans from Calphalon Contemporary series. 
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