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    Just spread it by word of mouth that you'd appreciate donations to their favorite charity or a bottle of wine or some beer. 

    Even if you did a registry, if your guests live somewhere like PA that has odd liquor laws, then I'm not sure that your guests would be able to purchase off of a registry due to their billing address.  I've never tried to do that though, so I'm not really sure.  I just know that the liquor laws rarely make sense.
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    Nope. Never heard of it.
    You can spread that news through word of mouth.
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    Never heard of it and I think it is a very strange idea.
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    i have never heard of this..... i am usually all for "whatever you want to do", but this just seems odd to me.
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    Yea, this seems really odd to me.  Just tell them you'd like a bottle of wine or some beer.  I don't think they make such a registry.  You could always use like or something like that. 

    A lot of states aren't allowed to have liquor shipped to you, so that's probably not an option for some people either.  Seems like a logistical nightmare.
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    Over in my thread someone suggested a stock-the-bar bridal shower. ;)
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    I have never heard of a wine registry or the like.   I think since your guests know you would prefer a charitable donation, if they feel like the would like to get you a gift, they would give you cash/check.  The only thing I could think of would be to spread it by word of mouth, but even that I think is in poor taste...

    I can't help but mention that for a lot of people gift registering etiquette is very important.  No, we don't know who your guests are and what they feel is appropriate. For others reading this thread - it's important to know that generally, many guests may feel registering for liquor is in poor taste. 
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    I don't feel registering for liquor, esp good quality beer or wine, is impolite at all.  Since lots of guests buy gifts the day before/of- is there a nicer liquor store close (e.g. within walking distance) of where your wedding is or where guests will be staying that you could talk to?

    I don't think it'd be that hard for the liquor store to keep a quick note by the register saying "if people come in and ask for so & so's perferences tell them x,z,y"

    I also agree you could to a "stock the bar" shower and have guests bring something then. 
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    So my friends know I LOVE wine. So what we did was give them the info of our fav wine shop that has a website and also ships.  (we also have a more traditional registry). The wine shop doesn't have a registry but we told people whatever they give us we will love.  So I would suggest giving them a website for a wine shop you are familiar and like and maybe including what kind of wines you like; reds whites, cabs, chards etc. is popular we are using a regional shop Best Cellars.  Happy drinking.

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    No, I've never heard of it, and as much as FI and I LOOOOOVE wine and going to wineries and stuff we would never set up a registry at a liquor store or wine shop. Bottles of wine or champagne are normally gifts at the engagement party or the bachelorette.
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    I have never heard of it but I agree with the PP, write your favorite winery/high end liquor store somewhere on your wedding website.
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    I actually have heard of that, but it was for a 100+ person birthday party at the home of a bunch of single guys.  They actually had a dinner party the weekend before and unwrapped their gifts.
    Anyway, they just asked around at a few local liquor stores and one of them made a list for them, but I don't think they found anyplace that had an actual registry program.  If there's some sort of liquor superstore in your area, maybe they could set something up.
    It would probably still be tricky since guests wouldn't be bringing the gifts to the wedding.
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    I've never heard of it being done. FWIW, if you don't want people bringing the wine or beer to the wedding location, I wouldn't recommend this.
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