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Everyday Dishes - Please Help with Color!

Hello All,

I am in the process of registering for our upcoming wedding and need help with colors/patterns for everyday dishes. The majority of items we have chosen are some form of gray, black, and white. I don't want our color scheme to be too bland, but we don't know where we will be living as of yet and what our new home will look like. Should I choose white dishes to match other white kitchen items I have asked for, or would off-white/light beige also be a suitable choice? Or, should I choose a fun color for the everyday dishes with an exciting pattern? I didn't think this would be such a hard choice!

Thanks in advance for your help! :)

Re: Everyday Dishes - Please Help with Color!

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    yep.  Just choose a color you are drawn to . . . I'd definitely keep your colorful dishes a solid color rather than a pattern, though.
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    We ended up picking white because we loved the classic style and loved that they could go with any decor we wanted to go with.

    I say go with what you love, but I understand you wanting them to match.  I'm a freak like that too.
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    Ditto pp's.. choose the dishes you love. Our kitchen has a black, stainless steel, and dark red scheme, but our dishes are dark blue. Your dishes don't have to match the rest of your color scheme/decor. HTH!
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    I agree with pp, choose the dishes you love.  Odds are the things you pick to go with them that you also love with coordinate.  That's what happened to us - we registered for Noritake Colorwave in Graphite and ended up with some red accent pieces.  It just sort of fell together.
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    All kinds of food tends to look more appetizing on white or off-white plates. Or so I have heard. You don't want something clashing with your plate color and turning you off. (I have china blue plates, though, so take this with a grain of salt.) Another consideration is that if you register for good plates, you might have them for YEARS. What if you move several times or renovate your kitchen? I bought plates right out of college that matched my first apartment and they do NOT match anything I own now!
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    I was unaware that dishes needed to match your house.  I thought you just bought patterns, colors, etc. that you liked and a style that suited the both of you.
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    We got these great dishes from BB&B. They seem like they would match your color scheme but have some color and will probably match anything. Also, the white center frames food really nicely. They come in strips too.
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    Ooops - meant they come in "stripes" too. Instead of the dots. You get the idea. :-)
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