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I went to add a few last things to our Bed Bath & Beyond registry today & I saw something that we did not put on it on our registry .  It was marked as purchased. I was wondering if anyone knows does BB&B add items if someone has purchased it for you & they scanned your registry? I just want to make sure it wasn't an error by BB&B or is it just because someone used our registry & purchased it?
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    If someone goes to BBB and buys your gift along with something not on the registry (like something for themselves), it will show up on the registry as well.

    Someone bought a candy bar along with our gift and it showed up on our registry after that!  A few people also picked out things that went with their gifts that we hadn't registered for--like we got a cocktail recipe book from the person who gave us a margarita pitcher, etc.
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    If someone buys something from Macy's that is not on a registry but is a wedding gift they should have it added to the registry.   I don't know if all Macy's will do this but the one near me will. The reason for doing this is that the couple gets 5% of total purchases made off their registry in a gift card 30 days after their wedding so it increases the amount they will receive.
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    Ditto Brie, that happened to us as well. 
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    Thank You for helping me figure it out. I wa a bit confused :)
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    I believe that sometimes it is a mistake (like the candy bar) and sometimes they do it on purpose because they assume that if you didn't register for (say if the guest didn't like your taste in napkins and decided they wanted to get you something they liked) it there is a good chance it will be returned and it is easier to do that if it is on your registry.
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